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7 Reasons To Use Aloe Vera For Treating Diabetes

Aloe vera has been long used as a natural remedy, mostly because of its soothing and invigorating effect, which make it a perfect skin care product. Recent studies have shown that aloe vera can be also used in the treatment of diabetes.

When used properly, aloe vera can reduce blood glucose. In this article we will explain why is aloe vera beneficial when it comes to treating and preventing diabetes, and how to use the maximum of its benefits.

7 Reasons To Use Aloe Vera For Treating Diabetes

Which is the connection between aloe vera and diabetes?
Today, diabetes is one of the most common auto-immune diseases. The number of people diagnosed with hyperglycemia escalates quickly, and health experts are quite worried about the actual state.


Luckily, people are aware that regular physical activity, proper diet and healthy lifestyle choices can prevent diabetes, or at least help diabetics control their condition. Even though lifestyle choices and regular workout depend on our free time, nothing affects the choices you do when it comes to your daily menu, and here comes the importance of including aloe vera to your diet.

Check out some of the most important facts scientists have revealed:

  • Aloe vera is one of the most effective means when it comes to regulating blood sugar naturally..
  • Regular consumption of fresh aloe vera juice regulates the glucose in the bloodstream.
  • Aloe vera has strong hypoglycemic ability, and it is beneficial for patients diagnosed with both IDDM (insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus) and NIDDM (non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus).
  • Two doses of aloe vera juice, or 5-15 ml, daily decrease blood sugar significantly.

How can aloe vera help diabetics?

Here are some of the reasons why aloe vera is one of the most efficient natural treatments for diabetes:

  • Aloe vera is packed with glucomannan, a soluble dietary fiber (polysachharide), and thus reduces glucose levels. To be more precise, this hemicellulose component acts as a hypoglycemic substance and reduces blood sugar efficiently.
  • Anthraquinones, organic phenols with distinctive aroma, and lectins, proteins that bind carbohydrates together, are some of the compounds found in aloe vera that reduce blood glucose and regulate its level.
  • Aloe vera can reduce blood sugar by 50 % within 2 months.
  • It cleanses the body and eliminates excess glucose in the bloodstream.
  • Aloe vera has strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that keep us safe from ulcers, wounds, infections and other diabetes-related conditions.
  • It stimulates the secretion of insuline, and thus alleviates the symptoms of diabetes.
  • Aloe vera is all-natural, meaning it causes no side-effects in the treatment of diabetes.

How can you add aloe vera to your diet?
As we already explained, aloe vera does miracles for diabetics, along with a healthy and nutrient-rich diet. For optimal results always use fresh and organic aloe vera gel or juice instead of their processed forms.

In the initial phase of the treatment, take a teaspoon of aloe every day. Once your body adjusts to it, increase the amount up to 3 teaspoons per day. However, if you do not like its bitter taste, add some honey or other natural sweetener before you consume it.


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